Monday, February 22, 2010

Kristen Stewart's BAFTA Acceptance Speech

Kristen Stewart won the Orange Rising Star award at last night's (Sunday) British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards, edging out Carey Mulligan in a fan-voted competition.

"I have to thank all the fans of Twilight," Stewart said. "For proving, again and again, to be the most devoted and attentive fans ever."


  1. yay Kristen rocks! and don't worry Kristen we, fans, will always keep supporting you guys!

  2. I hear ya Ingeyla!

  3. I am happy for her, however, she could have worked a little on the acceptance speech for God's sake!

    That easily was the worst acceptance speech I have ever seen and heard.

    I love Kristen Stewart but she really has to start working on being more coherent and work on her people and presentation skills.

  4. Yeah you're totally right.. that WAS awkward..
    but hey! She knows what she wants and I think she's an amazing actress... she's just not born to be a star, so give her the chance to be herself.. scared of lots of people.. I mean I feel sorry for her.. maybe it's not her kind of life. But if it is.. maybe she pretended to be someone else. Well that's my opinion. Tell me yours.