Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dakota Fanning And Her Shredded Tights

The recently turned 16 year old, Dakota Fanning, was seen sporting a very interesting outfit  while walking the streets of LA.

Dakota wore some major ripped black tights complete with gold men's watch and a tiara with fur trim.

What do you think of Dakota's outfit?


  1. She looks like trash, I don't understand how people can think dressing like that is cool or interesting

  2. I am sorry but umm her dressing makes me want to drop some money into her coke can so she can buy a decent pair of jeans or any other alternate.

    I understand that she is free to dress however she pleases but I would not want ANY one (boy or girl, actor or no actor) to dress like that.

    Wear that what you are comfortable in and ensure it compliments you.

    Then again that is simply my opinion.

  3. See, I personally really like it... okaay, so the tights are a little bit over ripped, but c'mon, she is a 16 year old girl, mist teeangers dress like sluts, bee thankful she isnt one of those thype of peoplee!!!!

    Kota, your amazingly stunning, I love your outfit and your work, you rock XD


  4. i think her outfit is relii hot .. i relii like it :) .. dakota is awsums :) ..

  5. Seems the more MONEY a person has the fewer brain cells are used. It's Ok to dress as you please but a street person dressing better than a person that can buy clothes?

  6. the tiara is a little bit too much, but cmon she's 16. i like her style, except the tiara.
    btw she's got the same bag as vanessa hudgens. :']

  7. Don't like it at all . The tiara looks like a toddler accessory, boots ; oh maaan , ripped tights , c'mon .
    She can look gorgeous . :D

  8. i'm sorry but i gotta say:OH MY GOD!that was incredible horrible even my grandmother dress better!what is happening with your ultra cool fashion style kota???

  9. i LOVE her entire ensemble. she's SIXTEEN for Christ's sake, guys! she looks cute. she's being herself.

    (i expecially LOVE that Tokidoki backpack!!!)

  10. you want my opinion? my opinion is ... what is your problem? let her live her life! if they do not understand buying a life ... them of failing to ... see ya! ;D

  11. Maybe she has a really bad tempered cat that got her just as she was walking out the door! roflmao... or maybe just maybe...she doesn't care what YOU think!

  12. wtf is with all the judgemental comments - i dont get it...
    so what how she dresses its her choice...
    plus shes sixteen and only HUMAN... lol...
    and money and fame dont come into it, apart from been photo'd and needing money to get the clothes...
    plus she's dressing how she wants, in her own style...
    atleast shes not like the average sixteen yr old, who expose there top half and have there underwear showing due to wearing a belt for a skirt... lol...

  13. typical teenager! :D Just because she's famous, doesn't mean she has to be in designer clothes all the time - get real.