Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Preview Of New 'New Moon' Action Figures

Toymaker NECA gives MTV a sneak peek of the second series of New Moon action figures that are hitting retailers already. They also let us in on more characters we can expect to be in action figure form.

For Eclipse merchandise, look out for that in May - a month before the movie opens nationwide on June 30.

{via Hollywoodcrush}


  1. This NECA dude is Twilight material...

    I think the figures are alright, I like how NECA is usually pretty good in releasing quality stuff (Bioshock 2), for their price point they're ok I guess.

  2. I have Edward already ( times 2 one open one not)
    I thought that Jacob and Alice look Horrible!

  3. The Bella doll looks dreadful.

    The Edward doll and Jasper doll look incredibly similar to the real characters in the film.

    Yeah and umm they are dolls, I doubt the whole 'action figures' gimmick will make young boys want to buy Bella, Edward and Jacob and play out the tent scene...

    Funny thought. :)

  4. RosalieHaleRocks123June 22, 2010 at 9:40 AM

    Did you hear their making a Rosalie and Victoria action figure!!