Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rob Pattinson Dating Kristen Stewart Claim Is A Lie

Robert Pattinson and Kristen StewartOf course the newest rumor has been via The Sun which stated that Robert Pattinson told them, a tabloid, about his personal life especially supposedly revealing that Robert and Kristen were indeed dating. However, this is a false interview. GossipCop did the dirty work for all the sites that were stating it as fact:

Gossip Cop has spent hours reaching out to everyone to verify the Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart shocker heard ’round the world.

Initially, we were told the interview was “a fake.”

We then contacted many, many more individuals, including the author of the explosive interview published in The Sun, “R-Patz admits: I AM with K-Stew.”

Unlike numerous other sites which took the interview at face value and never fact checked, including Hollyscoop (“Robert Pattinson Confirms He’s Dating Kristen Stewart) and HollywoodLife (“Finally, Kristen! Your boyfriend R-Patz ADMITS you are a couple!”), Gossip Cop verified with the reporter — more than once over the course of a few hours — what was and wasn’t said on Sunday.

The reporter told Gossip Cop Pattinson “didn’t say ‘we are a couple,’” adding that “he wasn’t going to spell it out in great detail.”

What the reporter did ask during the post-BAFTAs dinner, where Pattinson was several feet away from Stewart for this Q&A, was, “Is this a public appearance together?”

The reporter told Gossip Cop Pattinson replied, “We are together.”

When Gossip Cop pressed him on whether Pattinson’s response meant he and Stewart were a couple, the reporter said, “That’s my assumption from what he said.”

OK, so Pattinson never actually said they were “a couple.”

The Sun claims Pattinson “admitted” he and Stewart were a couple. But that is not the case.

This isn’t to say Pattinson and Stewart are or are not a couple.

But the claim that there was any kind of monumental admission or “fessing up” at the dinner on Sunday simply is not true.

As Gossip Cop has maintained from the beginning, it’s up to the actors to reveal when and what they want to reveal.

{via GossipCop}


  1. Everyone should just give it a break. If they are together, then great for them. Otherwise, just leave them alone!

  2. Apparently the American media, has nothing better to do...

    Hello... Please learn to differentiate between a film (Twilight saga where they are a couple) and real life (Where they are not.)

    They are actors for God's sake and people.

    Relationship or no relationship.

    Let them be.

    Talk about being shallow minded!

  3. frigen leave them alone, they need some peace x

  4. I agree! leave them alone, they have a life to...

  5. Bella and Edward will ALWAYS be a couple. But Kristen and Robert are not. Media - find something else to focus your gossip on!

  6. it'll never be !! people needti get that inti their heads like !!

  7. Awwww. so sad but not surprised! Cant wait till ECLIPSE! 16 more days till the first Trailer!!

  8. If they aren't a couple....great....if they are...really who cares people. U think they care if we are in relationships or not. All I know that is if they are, hope it doesn't go sour and end up ruining the rest of filming of the saga.

  9. I still think they are a couple!!!

  10. I still think they are a couple, they both are gorgeous people!!!!

  11. I still believe they are a couple. Whatever, its no big deal. They Are 2 beautiful looking people and have become the parts of the Twilight Saga they play but in reality they are not happy with us fans. They don't care about us and really dont like the movie saga. It's not so much talent that gave them their fame as it is us fans for the whole series. I mean seriously the movies stink badly in comparison to the books. The screenwriter has done a horrible job getting all the key elements from the books into the movies. The acting has improved over time and hope that improves even more as they continue on. We need to stop honoring these two and move on! Let them be and enjoy their 15 minutes of fame (or not)!

  12. i stil beieve they are a couple as they wud be soo close even together that tehy could be getting together for public

  13. I believe they are a couple .
    So cute together . ♥

  14. AGGGHHHHH I wish those absent-minded lazy reporters would leave them alone! if they Are dating,Great for them! just because they are a couple in a film DOES NOT me=an you should spread it around they are in real life...if they are THATS THEIR BUISNNESS ! and if they are not, its still THEIR BUISNESS! And Just because two talented people decide to go hollywood does not mean that their personal lives is a screenplay to entertain you1 I can understand a little excitement, but really? they are probobly stressed enough what wth the Normal papperazzi! ---now I have to calm down...Im beginning to get like edward does (in the book) XD bye yall! Cant wait for eclipse!!!

  15. i hope their together and if you leave them alone thay will probley go out side together danm give it a break!