Monday, February 8, 2010

Robert Pattinson Spotted Out and About in London

Here's a recent sighting of Rob in London today with his good buddy, Tom Sturridge. The boys grabbed some lunch at Nando's and then did a bit of shopping.

Note: Paparazzi pics included. Skip this post if you don't like seeing them.

{via Robsessed and Robert Pattinson Life}


  1. He look so cute on this picture. Oh i wish I could meet him :D

  2. ahha , sweet . I love in the last picture how he is looking at underwear ..
    love you rob , you rock!! :D <3

  3. Well i guess we know that Rob isn't a boxer boy! He's a breaf (ERR, however you spell it) boy!

  4. Оставе те човека намира да диша.
    и дайте малко повече информация за филма "Затъмнение"

  5. hi rob, what a relief, i'm happy to see you chose cotton undies, lol,
    hay come to see Amsterdam, í'm sure you'll like it, we have rockgigs, canals, culture and other things, you know tulips and so on