Friday, February 12, 2010

Rob's 'Details' Magazine Cover and Info Revealed

Here it is! Finally we get a glimpse of the talked-about Details cover with Rob!

Info about the photoshoot via Twinkleimdb...

---Details cover is a fold out Rob on cover sitting between nekkid woman's legs. He's got his hand on her calf & the fold out has his hand on the others ass (in a thong). He looks hot.

---Full frontal nekkid models. One in tub, him beside her looking in tub. Artsy look...

--Topless model with him on patio over looking ocean. Arm on her waist. Her taking photo of him

---He & topless model have scarves over their heads & are in a kiss.

---other pics are in a mansion. Kind of cool. He's in the artwork like the master of the house. Looking over the nekkid women in the room.

--- Delaney's pic is from the magazine. It's the same one.

- Jenny lumet did interview. Was done in London day before BA started filming.

{via @KStewsShoes}


  1. I saw this on @KStewsShoes's Twitter... I don't like the fold out. KStew has a better ass than that woman :P Rob looks hot in the picture though.

  2. Robert looks awesome in that picture while I will refrain from commenting about anything else.

  3. I don't know what to say.. But he's HOT!!! wow!! :O

  4. yah ! wish that was my a**** too !!!

  5. wow , he is a stunner ... :D
    man he musta looved those photshoots .
    love ya rob , yu rock <3

  6. Well, that's definitely something else..

  7. Can you only imagine the thoughts running through his mine and how hard it was for him to be so straight faced. We all know how shy he is and how hard it was to not want to giggle(nervousness of coarse). But seriously, I did not like the photos(jealous it wasn't me), but I was not aware our boy was into this sort of stuff. reading the article, yes this all made sense. Loved him in all the pics, just not the naked women:p