Monday, February 1, 2010

Taylor Lautner Heads Home After A Night of Grammy Partying

Taylor Launter, dressed down in a leather jacket and jeans, was leaving a Grammy Awards party last night with a security guard in tow. From the big smile he has in these pictures it looks like it must have been a pretty good party!

On a side note: Ten more days until Taylor's 18th birthday ;D

{via Just Jared Jr}


  1. awww, he looks soooo cute! i love Taylor <3

  2. hey taylor lautner and robert pattison am like ur biggest fan am the
    #1 fan of twilight if yall cam 2 courpis christi i would like cry if i saws yall so give me a call at 361-980-7942

  3. Taylor is really cutee *.* I just can't believe he is only 18 (almost)

  4. I cant believe that he is only 18 either. Wow i feel like i should get into trouble for thinking that he is cute.

  5. one day me and taylor will be T&T nothin better then two taylors together ugh love him!

  6. well i hope he has the best 18th birthday ever!!! happy early birthday!!!

  7. I love you Taylor !!

  8. Happy early birthday to Taylor,some grandmothers advise for you.You are doing great you have your whole life ahead of you,enjoy go after what you want have some fun.Don't get tied down your just turning the big 18 if you fall in love and they really love you do your dream first you have plenty of time.You a young and great actor as from I can see I also see a level headed guy with talent I believe you have listen to your parents and family. Good luck with your future and just enjoy life.The career that you have choose I really think acting is the other way around it chooses you.Not all that apply can do it after all even if your parents are in the profession but they stay in and ride the wings of their parents name.You your riding on your own.I believe in the young man I see is going to do just that to.I don't believe and I really like the Jona brothers but the one married to young there are plenty of time for marriage babies all that.ENJOY life to the fullest get it out of your system in your parties and running around.So when you settle down you will I hope select a young lady that is not in the movies or career business it rarely works.If you look at the one's that did it is rare such as Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson but that is rare and you never hear any bad things about them or with Paul Newman and his wife Joan Woodward and few more last but rare againest all odds.Well good luck although you may never read this I just wanted to put my thoughts in to know I told you so.I wished Carrie Underwood would wait to so young her career is just barely off the ground anything can happen in this business but since she has decided to and I am a big fan of hers I wish them the best life has to offer...God Bless you Taylor and good luck Sincerely Shine

  9. YAY i <3 Taylor Lautner!!!
    Cant wait til your b-day, looking beautiful as always!!
    love you xx
    Zoe xx

  10. love you taylor <3 i hope you have a great birthday ;) my 15th in a couple of weeks :) Every1 hopes the best for u life! xx
    Love you,
    Faye xx

  11. naaaaw :')
    his smile in picture 2 makes me laugh.
    anyway happy early birthday :)
    and i think that 'anonymous with the big paragraph' is right, i think it would work better with someone outside the movies.
    and i'm not just saying that because i'd LOVE to date you :P :L
    good luck in the future
    Jade <3
    p.s you are 3years 4months and 8days older than me :D

  12. that sounds cool!8>i hope he had a good time!3>