Friday, March 26, 2010

Another Possible Director For 'Breaking Dawn'

Stephen Daldry ("Billy Elliot," "The Reader" and "The Hours") is one more name to add to the list of growing potential directors of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Sofia Coppola, Bill Condon and Gus Van Sant have also been considered for the directors chair.
By this point nothing should surprise us about the names Summit is considering. (Well, James Cameron would surprise us. But he's pretty much the only one.) The fourth book contains more complicated material as the story opens up (warning: spoiler alert), with part of the novel written from werewolf Jacob's perspective and Kristen Stewart's Bella Swan carrying a child.

Having already gone indie with Catherine Hardwicke, polished/commercial with Chris Weitz and genre auteur with David Slade for the franchise's first three movies, Summit clearly wants a high-end Oscar- prestige filmmaker to handle the fourth picture.

Still, even by those standards, Daldry stands out. He's been nominated for three Oscars, more than any of the other directors on the short list. In fact, Daldry is the rare filmmaker who's been nominated for a best directing Oscar for every feature he's made.

Those credentials make taking on a global teen phenomenon seem unlikely, though there are reasons to think it could work. The director is well-versed in depicting forbidden love (a "Twilight" staple) with "The Reader" and "The Hours." And he's adept at themes of family alienation, also a franchise fixture, which ran under "Billy Elliot." Also, like most of the others, Daldry doesn't yet have a new film.
A great list of potential directors for Breaking Dawn - I think it will be a tough choice for Summit to pick only one.

{via LA Times}


  1. i like the poster :D

  2. i like the poster but i like the way that the other movies were directed so i wouldnt change a thing ithink stephenie meyer to write anouther book i would be willing to play renessema for free abosoultily free

  3. Who ever they get should be Very special effect oriented to say the least for that possible two parter...

  4. Y'know, i can direct it...

  5. if you change the director then it will end up that the last 1 - 2 finlm(s) wont coardinate with the other 3. i think that it will be directed diffrently no matter what you do, they should just stick with the same one.

  6. I like the director nd i dont think you should change the director. If you do the films wont be the same! It wont go well together! Because the new director might have a different point of view than the old one! That might make the films kinda like off balance! It would ruin the saga completely! Mess up the twilight saga's flow sort of!