Saturday, March 27, 2010

Better Photos Of Taylor Lautner With Star Ambassador Winners

We brought you photos last weekend (March 20) of Taylor Lautner hanging out with two lucky girls from the "Orange and LG Star Ambassador" contest. And now here are some better shots of the lucky girls who got to spend a river cruise with Taylor in France.

I'm not sure which one is the winner - I'm assuming the other girl is a friend the winner was allowed to bring with her. The contest was done separately in both France and Spain - one of the girls is the Spanish winner and the other is the French winner. Thanks to an Anonymous reader for sharing this info with us! :)

{via Gossip Dance}


  1. Both of them won, one is the Spanish winner and the other is the french winner. The contest was done in both countries separadtely. I was a candidate in Spain ;) I've won a VIP ticket to he party :D

  2. Omg talk about lucky girls in the states would literally KILL to get a chance like that. I am one Jelous girl!

  3. Thank you Anonymous for the info! :)

  4. Thank you for taking it into account and changing the article, that was really nice of you!!! :D (I'm the same anonymous as last time, lol, I'm Betsy)
    The party was on Friday :) It was good I also had a meet&greet so I talked to him for a minute, too bad he got sick and left early, he didn't meet the girls in the VIP section.
    Thanks for your info!! :) Sorry for not noticing it before