Saturday, March 20, 2010

Comcast On-Demand 'New Moon' Features

I just discovered last night that these New Moon features were available on my TV :) And was happy to see that most of them were free ;) Be sure and check these out when you have free time!

Comcast On Demand New Moon Features - Doesn't included deleted/extended scenes or Eclipse footage.

1) Price $4.99 includes 2 bonus features:

-Life After Twilight (recaps the Twilight premiere and phenomenon, cast interviews from New Moon set)

-Weitz commentary (note: he says Rob and Kristen came up with the idea of Edward/Bella saying "I love you" after the birthday scene..hmmmm lol)

2) Free extras

-Press junket

-Premiere (really short, nothing special)

-Alternate Trailer

-Extended Trailer

-Wolves Trailer (I think this is introducing the wolves BTS)

-Weitz extra (didn't watch this)

-Twilight in Forks

-Volturi extra

-Wolves extra

{via Spunk Ransom}

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