Wednesday, March 24, 2010

ET's Exclusive Look At Rob's Wax Figure

We brought you the news of Madame Tussauds Rob wax figure debuting tomorrow in New York and London. Now check out ET's exclusive video of the wax figure!

So do you think wax Rob is accurate to the real Rob? Let us know!


  1.'s impossible to duplicate someone so beautiful ;) But, its alright. He's making an odd face.

  2. Okay i was wrong, the wax figure does look alot more like Rob than i thought. Im not sure if its me or what but does his wax figure look darker? they've got a good chin, size of the face, and forehead in this. Many more similaritys than i thought thier was. thank you alot for puting the two pictures togeter as i asked(:
    i check this thing alot so i dont miss anything importiant.
    -Breanna Marie-AR

  3. that does look a little like him and omg robert pattinson knows!!! how kl!! now everyone can have a picture with robert pattinson! woop
    team edward fan xx emma