Friday, March 19, 2010

First Full-Length 'Twilight' College Course Approved

Dr. Natalie Wilson, a Cal State San Macros Women's Studies professor, will be the leading professor of the Twilight college course that was recently approved. The course, "Twilight: The Texts and the Fandom," welcomes outside fans to participate in the experience while students taking the course will receive general credit.

Wilson plans to devise the course materials as a mixture of the books, derivative theory-based works, the films, parodies, and the social and fan internet community. Students of the class will be asked to develop reactions and critiques to these materials in one of several ways (including through parodies, skits, blogs, or texts).

The internet fan community will be involved through the availability of Dr. Wilson's blog (CLICK HERE to access) and the interaction between the internet world and the students as students will be asked to reach out to the enormous Twilight saga fan community on the web and learn more about the many blogs and resources that are out there.

Dr. Wilson's response to the approval was the following:

I can hear all those naysayers that claim Twilight has nothing to teach us shrieking in dismay “Oh, it’s the end of the academy!” Well, the same arguments were made when Harry Potter, Buffy, and Star Trek courses made it onto the curriculum. As such courses have proven, examining popular texts and popular culture has much to tell us about our historical epoch, about race, class, gender, sexuality, philosophy, literature, etc.

{via Examiner}


  1. I wish I went to Cal State San Marcos!!!

  2. As obsessed as I may be, please dont try to tell me Twilight is good literature that deserves to be taught at school. It's not.

  3. I think that there are a lot of literary elements that can be discussed in a class setting. As well as being able to learn a bit of psychological aspects where it pertains to the fans. The first and for most topic to be discussed should be what makes Twilight so appealing to such a wide spectrum of people. I mean I as a gay man meet people ranging from ultra conservatives to extreme liberals, from preps to goths, and everyone in between that love the series for both different and similar reasons. However, this is just my observation and opinions but still it is a topic worth discussing.

    Go Team Emmett! (I love Edward and Jake, but I am totally obsessed with Emmett!)

  4. this dude is a complete ass!!! i just read the entire blog he did on breaking down Twilight and the entire thing was how it was racist and showed edward as white- privleged. what thw hell? and that jacob was animalistic cause he was a native american? what crap. i am native american too and embrace it completely. i dont think thats why she made hima werewolf. native americans are more intune to nature and animals but it doesnt make us an animal. like i said this guy is an ass. this book was not written as a breakdown of society. its merely a love story between 3 PEOPLE...bella,edward and jacob. they could all have been yellow and this guy would have said it was somehow racist against other colors of the rainbow. dude get a life. if you think that badly of it dont read it or watch the movies

  5. people spend money for this crap, really? and then they blame us for being a dumb generation.