Thursday, March 4, 2010

Michael Sheen 'will likely return' for 'Breaking Dawn'

Michael SheenThe Examiner just wrote about some Breaking Dawn news, this time regarding Michael Sheen who has been playing Aro for the Twilight Saga:

Adding the list of actors who have expressed an interest in returning for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn is Michael Sheen, who portrayed "Aro" in The Twilight Saga: New Moon.
This weekend, Sheen's Alice In Wonderland debuts in theaters, and to promote the film he did an interview with the Toronto Sun about his increasing involvement in young audience-friendly films.

Apparently, despite the fact that his resume spans two decades, his daughter Lily has only just become a fan of his work. Prior to New Moon, Sheen had done Frost/Nixon, The Queen, The Damned United, the Underworld series, and more, but Lily didn't quite fit the demographic of viewership for those projects.

“Having spent years and years doing films in which she had no interest in whatsoever, either because she couldn’t watch them because they’re too scary, or she didn’t want to watch them because they’re too boring,” Sheen says, “now to be able to do films that are slam-bang in the middle of what she’s interested in, it’s fantastic for me as a dad.”

It seems that this growing tradition will continue, too, if Sheen reprises his role in Breaking Dawn. As you know, only a portion of the "Volturi" is present in Eclipse, and "Aro" is not one of those who journey to Forks, Washington in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Some worried that with the absence of certain characters in Eclipse some of the actors might move on and not return for Breaking Dawn. Of course, the same was true for Sarah Clarke ("Renee") from Twilight who was not present in New Moon but did indeed come back for Eclipse.

The Toronto Sun, however, might have just dispelled any concern that Sheen has found better and brighter by reporting the following: "Although his character is absent from this June’s next Twilight movie, Eclipse — “I can sit back and watch all the others have to go through that again,” he says, smiling — he will likely return in the fourth, Breaking Dawn."

{via Examiner}

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  1. i think that he will be a good actor in breaking dawn i ll bet that so good luck and more movies to come