Sunday, March 21, 2010

More Images From The Midnight Release Parties

Here are more great photos from the New Moon DVD release events!

More of Peter in NYC HERE

More of Chaske and Tyson in Georgia HERE

More of Elizabeth in Phoenix HERE


  1. Woo !
    Omg , i wish i could've been there to see Elizabeth .
    Cant wait until i get to buy the movie !

  2. Got the movie, but did not get to see any of the stars, but glad to finally have it!
    Gammy Sparkles

  3. oh you can have my paid copy I can't stand any of this BS anymore the studio played w/ the fans emotions; first R/K can't be a couple, the studio would make money, then R/K can be couple because at the end NM E/B become a couple. AND now R/K can be a couple or PLAY THE PART AS A COUPLE OFF SCREEN because Eclipse will soon be released BUT now Rob isn't in a relationship w/ Kristen. That's just a lie!!!! Rob is having a baby w/KB his true GF; SHAME OF THE SUMMIT AND ROB FOR PLAYING GAMES W/ FANS! Stick NM UP -----

  4. OMG!! I wish I went to the midnight realese party!! I bought New Moon the 20 at least!