Tuesday, March 16, 2010

'New Moon' Stars To Attend Midnight Release Parties!

The official Twilight twitter page announced a list of New Moon stars who will attend New Moon DVD midnight release parties around the country this Friday!

Justin Chon (@justinchon), Christian Serratos @cserratos) and Michael Welch will be in Salt Lake City for a #NewMoonDVD Release Party!

Melissa Rosenberg will be going to a #NewMoonDVD Midnight Release Party in Seattle!

Chaske Spencer (@THEREALCHASKE) and Tyson Houseman will be at an Atlanta #NewMoonDVD Midnight Release Party!

Edi Gathegi (@iamedigathegi) will be in Pittsburgh for a #NewMoonDVD Midnight Party!

Peter Facinelli (@peterfacinelli) is going to New York for a #NewMoonDVD Midnight release party!

Charlie Bewley (@alchemission) is going to a #NewMoonDVD Midnight Release Party in Denver!

Elizabeth Reaser will be in Phoenix for a #NewMoonDVD Midnight Release Party!

Kiowa Gordon (@CircaKiGordon) and Tinsel Korey (@tinselkorey) are going to a #NewMoonDVD Midnight Release Party in Cincinnati!

Daniel Cudmore (@danielcudmore) is going to be at a #NewMoonDVD Midnight Release Party in Houston!

Last but not least, in Los Angeles, Chris Weitz and Nikki Reed will be attending a #NewMoonDVD Midnight Release Party!

Let us know if you plan to attend one of these parties! We would love to hear about your experiences and share your photos!


  1. I wish they said what locations. I'm in Phoenix, but there are a TON of release party's going on.


  2. Im from Phoenix too! Ive done everything I can to find out where she's at. I want to meet her SO bad! She'd be the 11th actor from twilight that ive met:)
    Im going to Target for the 3 disc, but I wonder where she'll be at, cause I'll go there instead.

  3. announce locations already!! how are we suppose to plan anything? its already Friday!

  4. where is she gonna be?? anyone know yet???I'm on west side of phoenix...