Monday, March 1, 2010

Rob & Emilie On How Not To Be Self-Critical Actor

In a recent interview co-stars of Remember Me, Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin talked about acting and how they have to not be self-critical:

"You can never be a character, that's the one thing I'm sort of starting to realize," he said. "I always thought that, you know, you look at 'Raging Bull' and stuff and think, 'Wow, [Robert] De Niro, he's become someone else.' And I was completely convinced that there is some way that you can actually become someone else for three months."

During the time Rob was filming "Twilight," there is a story that says he was taking the role of Edward Cullen so seriously it was making him depressed, and the producers and crew on the film had to tell him to lighten up. It seems now that lesson has sunk in.

"I'm gradually starting to realize it's more about performance rather than actually some kind of physical [transformation], and it's taken me quite a long time to realize that," Rob said.

His costar, Emilie de Ravin, went through a similar transformation to unknown to widely recognized thanks to her character Claire on "Lost." She said she also found it hard not get too wrapped up in her characters.

"I'm always quite self-deprecating, I suppose," she said, stealing the word so often used to describe Rob. "I'm trying to get out of that and trying to look at something from a removed point of view."

{via MTV}

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