Saturday, March 6, 2010

'Remember Me' Official Soundtrack

So, the official soundtrack list for the movie has been released:

1. Alien Lover (Luscious Jackson)
2. Play On (Kottonmouth Kings)
3. Kandles (National Skyline)
4. Soft Shoulder (Ani Difranco)
5. Have Mercy (Two Ton Boa)
6. Hanging With The Wrong Crowd (Ed Harcourt)
7. Why Did We Ever Meet (The Promise Ring)
8. You Can See Me (Supergrass)
9. Sea Of Teeth (Sparklehorse)
10. Andvari (Sigur Ros)
11. Parasol (The Sea And Cake)
12. Soul Brother (Us3)
13. Open Wide (Long Hind Legs)
14. The Sun Keeps Shining On Me (Fonda)

*Squeel* The music looks great. Is anyone planning on attending the midnight release of Remember Me? I am. Gosh, only 6 more days! Also, 6 more days till we ALL see the first official trailer from 'eclipse'. So excited.

You can pre-order the soundtrack on Amazon.

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  1. I like the picture! Robert actually looks like he likes fame. he is always so glum about the fans ans the fame..