Saturday, March 13, 2010

Two Exclusive 'New Moon' DVD TV Spots

There's only one week to go until the release of the New Moon DVD and there have been some new TV spots to announce the it!

Will you be attending any midnight release parties for the DVD? And which retailer did you preorder your copy from? As for me, I'll be waiting for Target to deliver mine ;)

Edward TV Spot

Love Triangle TV Spot


  1. Neat TV spots, I havent pre-ordered, but i'll be at wal-mart at 11 Pm the night before, picking up the Blu-ray Ultimate Fan Edition, 7 minutes of eclipse so worth it. Also whats targets special thing they're dvd's are coming with? Um a "Film cell"? What is the Film cell? Thanks to anyone who helps! Can't wait for the Release.

  2. I'll be at walmart too !!!!

  3. I am also waiting on Target. But me and my buddy agreed to each get one from both stores and then we can watch it all!