Sunday, May 16, 2010

'Bella Should Have Dumped Edward' Book Coming This Summer

From Clevver TV:

Most of our Twilight stories are for the fans out there, and in a way this next story is too..., which is probably one of the most popular Twilight fansites out there, is stirring up quite a lot of controversy.

One of the primary contributors to the site, Michelle, was approached a while back by a well-known publishing company to put together a book, and the title is going to be Bella Should Have Dumped Edward. Michelle herself says that she is actually a die-hard fan herself, and just to clarify she is Team Edward. But, the book is intended to answer some questions that fans and haters of the book have been asking since the Twi-mania began.

For example, Michelle wants fans to head over to her site to help her out with these questions like: "Are Bella's relationships with Edward and Jacob abusive and controlling or are they healthy?" and "What would've happened if Bella was a vampire and Edward was human?" and one of my favorites is, "Is there a significance to imprinting or is it just plain creepy?"

So those are just a few of the over 30 questions Michelle needs help answering for her book. If you want to help out, head over to to find out how. In the end, this Twilight debate book will hopefully be similar to Harry Potter Should Have Died. Bella Should Have Dumped Edward is expected to hit shelves by this summer... so have you guys read the Harry Potter version? And what do you think of this little idea? Let us know right here.

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