Monday, May 17, 2010

'Breaking Dawn' Filming in Louisiana? - Summit Appears To Be Serious

The rumors that have been going around that filming of Breaking Dawn may take place in Louisiana have again been addressed with new updates on the story. brings us these two new updates:

Two new developments arrive this morning related to the whisperings that Summit Entertainment is considering shooting the next film in the "Twilight" series (which may actually be two films) somewhere in Louisiana.

One of them doesn't say a whole lot. The other, however, seems to be significantly more telling as to exactly how serious Summit Entertainment is about moving the production here.

First, Summit this morning (Monday, May 17) responded to my inquiry of last week for comment on the rumors, first reported in a story in The Hollywood Reporter that relied on an unnamed source for its inside information.

The studio's statement came a few days too late for my story -- which ran in Saturday's editions of The Times-Picayune -- and it was unsuprisingly vague. Here's it is, in its entirety: "No details have been confirmed regarding 'Breaking Dawn' aside from the fact that Bill Condon will be directing."

Insert shrug here.

The second, more telling, development comes in the form of incorporation papers filed last week with the Louisiana Secretary of State's office by an agent for Summit and establishing a new corporate entity called "TSBD LOUISIANA, L.L.C." -- which would seem to stand for "Twilight: Saga Breaking Dawn."

Of course, filing incorporation papers is a long way from booking soundstages and crewing up -- but as early signs go, it's a good one that there might be truth to these rumors.
"Twilight: Breaking Dawn" would be based on the fourth book in the popular vampire-romance series, and there has been talk that it could be broken into two movies. Summit is hoping to beging production this fall.



  1. It has already been released that Breaking Dawn will be in two parts...

  2. okay yeah what i don't get is why they just didn't run the movie's symaltaniously?! (OR however you spell it) and keep them in one place instead of moving the actors around the US of A like this?! Kind of like how Peter Jackson did for Lord of the Rings?! Ya know what i'm talking about?! but anyway i'm very excited to be working with the people of Breaking Dawn. To be working with so many idols is a magnificent honor and to be working with Bill Condon is another thing totally. but heres to say that i am very excited to be working with all of them.

  3. Breaking Dawn is def being filmed in Brusly, Louisiana...
    Part of it was filmed right in front of my house this morning...

  4. Its not Breaking Dawn that is being filmed in Brusly, its called The Fury. Kellan Lutz in is it. They JUST signed Ashley and Kellan this week for BD, production doesnt start till the fall.

  5. lol tahx it will be by my house