Tuesday, May 11, 2010

'Breaking Dawn' Teaser Poster

Eclipse has yet to be released and we've already got our first look at the teaser poster for Breaking Dawn: Part 1.

Here is the film's official synopsis from IMDB:

Bella and Edward FINALLY get married. Edward STILL refuses to turn Bella. Edward and Bella think Bella might be pregnant so they leave their honeymoon early. Carlisle doesn't think it's possible for Vamps to reproduce, but alas, he is wrong. In the end, Edward turns Bella into a vampire because Edward always gives Bella what she wants and he doesn't know how to tell her "no." Emmett and Alice are still the most amazing characters. Jacob becomes the "leader of the pack" And, I'm supposing everyone lives happily ever after. The vampires and wolves FINALLY become allies to protect Bella and Renesme from the Vulturi. The Cullen Clan also bring old friends from near and far to help convince the Vulturi that Renesme is NOT a vampire-child, but a rare human-vampire hybrid. During all this chaos, Jasper and Alice end up leaving the Cullen-Clan to fend for themselves, only to come back to prove that other children (vampire/human hybrids) exist. The two of them bring proof in a little Mexican Boy whose father was a vampire and his mother a human. He also has brothers and sisters who are like him. The Vulturi accept the fact that Renesme is NOT a vampire-child, but a hybrid and leave the Cullen-Clan alone. In other news, Jacob imprints on Renesme which makes Bella crazy.

{via shockya.com}


  1. AHH!:D i caaaaannnnnooott wait.

  2. I connot wait! its going to be amazing!

  3. 'Emmett and Alice are still the most amazing characters.'

    that was random (true maybe, but random...)

    can't wait!