Tuesday, May 11, 2010

'Eclipse' Red Carpet Tickets Sold Out Already?

From Hollywoodnews.com:

On Friday I wrote about how to score passes to the red carpet premiere of “Eclipse”, given that tickets went on sale today. Yet, it currently seems that passes have sold out already!

Per my earlier article, a limited number of passes were available for a hefty price—specifically, $600 to $1000. They were being bundled on an as-supplies-last basis, alongside tickets to the festival’s other most sought-after events. On Friday, the Los Angeles Film Festival (LAFF) official web site clearly noted that “Eclipse” passes would only be bundled with the Fast Pass ($1000) and Industry Pass ($600) as availability allowed. This afternoon, however, a visit to the same page finds no reference to the bundling of “Eclipse” tickets with these passes at all!

The fact that all references to “Eclipse” passes are gone seems to corroborate what Larry Richman himself wrote on his freshly-updated page of FAQs. He has written extensively on the festival, and the ins and outs of the “Eclipse” premiere. It seems that, even for fans with cash to shell out a thousand bucks, at this point, there is no known way to buy tickets to attend.

If you’re not ready to give up, keep your ear to the ground. Details are still emerging. Some are speculating that there may be opportunities for a small number of fans to camp out for tickets. Later this week, I will also report on a number of “win tickets” contests.

Let's hope we get details on these opportunities soon!

{via hollywoodnews.com}


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