Monday, May 17, 2010

Host of the 2010 MTV Movie Awards Stares at Rob Poster For Inspiration

This year's MTV Movie Awards airs on June 6th and we've given you the breakdown on which categories New Moon and the Twilight Saga stars are nominated in.

The host of the awards show, Aziz Ansari ("The Rocker" "I Love You, Man" and "Funny People"), recently joked with reporters that he's been staring non-stop at a Robert Pattinson poster on his ceiling for inspiration.

"I'm trying to really become one with the audience, so I put a poster of Robert Pattinson on my ceiling and I've been staring at it nonstop," Ansari told reporters on a conference call Wednesday. "I'm just looking at it."

What else has Aziz done to prep himself for June 6th?

[Aziz] did familiarize himself with the world of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan after learning he'd host this year's festivities.

"As soon as I was asked to host, the next day I watched both 'Twilight' movies to get a crash course," said Ansari, who also tweeted about the experience. "My goal is maybe to touch Robert Pattinson's hair or take a photo with Taylor Lautner's abs."

You can read the entire article here.

Make sure to keep voting for the Twilight stars until June 5th. Voting for "Best Movie" will stay open until June 6th!

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