Monday, May 10, 2010

Jess And Joy To Be A Part of Mexican Edition of 'Eclipse' Soundtrack

Each Mexican edition of the Twilight Saga soundtrack so far has featured all of the original songs plus a bonus track from a Mexican artist. This year's soundtrack for Eclipse will feature a song by the band "Jess and Joy".

Their song, “Magia y Deseo” (Magic and Desire), is "about these emotions that make you feel love, and at the same time, they make you feel something magical. There is a desire too that makes you lose gravity. You feel like you’re flying, and it’s all love”.

To listen to a sample of their music click here.

{via Twilight Poison}

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  1. I really like Jess and Joy!! Their music is so beutiful!! I'm so exited! Can't wait to the movie!!