Monday, May 17, 2010

Laura's Corner (Winner of Writing Contest)-Part 2

Sorry this is a little late, guys. Normally it will be up on Sunday and not early Monday :) (Thanks Laura!)

I had become rather good at controlling my thoughts around my father. The cons of his gift meant that he heard all the things I thought when I looked at Jacob – not good for me, and definitely not good for him. Counting back from a hundred in Spanish usually did the trick, but I think after a while he may of caught on as to why I was doing this ridiculous procedure. But today was going to be harder. My heart was still beating just slightly too fast, my breathing just a bit too raspy and the hairs on my arms were stuck up right like id had an electric shock. I grabbed the first thing I found in the wardrobe and went to the bathroom to wash my face, maybe that would calm me down. I patted my face dry and walked into the living room. Jake had already let Edward and Bella in as I entered.

“Hiya Ness.” Bella beamed.

“Hey Mom, hey dad.” Cien, Noventa y nueve, noventa y ocho...

As I went over my stupid ritual Bella had glided across the room and was holding me in a tight embrace. I’d forgotten just how much I had missed her. It had been a couple of weeks since I’d last been to visit. I placed my hand on her cheek and “showed” her just how much I’d missed her. She hugged me tighter, and I didn’t need to read her thoughts to know she was thinking she would never leave it this long again.

“Happy anniversary.” Edward announced. “Your Mom and I thought we would make you something.” From behind his back he pulled out a little white box.

“CAKE!” Jake shouted instantly. It reminded me of a little kid on Christmas morning. He strode over to Edward removed the box from his grasp and opened it in no more than a second. I couldn’t help but giggle at Edward’s slightly annoyed face, and neither could Bella. “Come look at this Ness its great! Thanks guys.”

I went over to see the object that had made Jake so happy, and I could see why. There in the box sat a rather large circular cake covered in Ivory icing. On top were 10 red roses – one for each year of our marriage – that were also made out of icing. If it hadn’t of been for my supernatural eyesight I would have sworn the flowers were real. And round the sides of the cake were chocolate swirls. The cake was beautiful. “Wow” I gasped “You made this?”Astonished I Went over to Edward – there was no need to touch his face – and hugged him tightly. He softly kissed my hair. “You’re welcome.” He whispered.

“Ness, you really gotta try some of this cake. It’s amazing!” I giggled again at Jacob’s complete desire for food. With how perfect the cake was I couldn’t possibly imagine destroying something so perfect by eating it, I would have mounted it on a display it looked so good. But there he was, box in one hand, huge chunk of cake in the other. One moment I was there innocently thinking about Jake eating the cake, next thing I knew my mind began exploring ways in which the cake could be put to better use . . .

“Damn it” Cien, Noventa y nueve

I could feel the blood rush to my cheeks and I had no intention whatsoever of turning to face my dad.

“What’s up?” Jake said alarmed through a mouthful of cake.

Bella was by my side in an instant, holding my arm. The worry was clear to see on her face. “You ok Renesmee?” There was absolutely no way in hell I was going to admit as to what was wrong. My face was still burning and I had a huge desire for a hole to magically appear in the floor and swallow me whole.

“She’s fine.” Edward sighed “She just remembered the few errands she needs to run for the meal she is preparing for Jacob later.” He spoke in such a casual tone, even I believed him.

“Aww, Nessie you don’t have to go through any trouble for me.” I smiled weakly, still avoiding any eye contact with Edward. I wasn’t sure if Bella had picked up on the facade, she usually knew when my dad was lying, but she didn’t say a word. She was wiser than that. They stayed until late afternoon and invited us to go hunting with them. Although I was slightly tempted by the offer (I preferred a diet of blood) I had other things on my mind.

As soon as I’d shut the door Jake was behind me whispering in my ear. “I thought I’d never get you to myself.”He teased; his hot breath reached my neck and sent a shiver down my spine. He felt my shudder and chuckled. I turned around and stared deep into his eyes.

“I love you Jacob. More than you’ll ever know.”

He probed my face for a few seconds, and then his eyes lit up “Yeah well, I love you more.” He challenged.”And this cake has filled me right up; I don’t think there is any need for you to go anywhere just yet.” He winked at me, picked me up and before I knew it we were in our bedroom.


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