Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More New 'Eclipse' Promo Shots

More Eclipse character promo shots for you. And one that is really questionable is Felix.

Felix? Is that you? He has a totally different look compared to New Moon.

{via Twifans}


  1. Xavier Samual looks like an Edward wannabe. And Jane isn't drowning in eye make-up this time around.

  2. Jane Is like totally awesome... If you disagree, Don't waste your time...

  3. I love Xavier Samuel ♥
    I don`t like it when people say that he`s trying to be Rob/Edward. Sometimes, people just look alike. If Xavier is copying Rob/Edward, then I`m guessing Taylor Momsen is copying Kristen? No. Taylor Momsen isn`t. :/

    Xavier`s hot. And Rob`s hot. VERY.

  4. Yep thats Felix sure ain't Demetri! Ha-Ha! And D. looks soo freaky!

  5. The photos of the Volturi to give this fear!