Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nordstrom BP Adds Hoodies, Dresses and Makeup To Their 'Eclipse' Clothing Line

Here is MTV's 3rd day revealing some of Nordstrom BP's Eclipse line which will be available for preordering this Saturday (May 15) and available in stores and online June 4.

Today I get to model the “Team Cullen” hoody in heather gray ($52), which feels oh-so-soft — you know the feeling when you just take something out of the dryer? Yes, it is that warm!

If you are very feminine, you will love the plaid dress with lace hem detail ($52). Both the criss-cross shoulder straps and the bustline screams I am stylish. While this could be a bit too feminine for Bella, we could totally see Alice rocking it!

The Luna Twilight "Team Edward" Color Palette ($28) brings together a collection of lip, cheek and eye colors that reflect the mood and spirit of our main man, Edward Cullen. The palette features four different eye shadows. The first shade is a the shimmery gray with a highlight of silver. The next, a calming shades of blue and pink, and finally, for evening, we suggest the deep black because we love the energizing silver sparkles. Finally, a pale pink lip gloss will set your "Eclipse"-inspired look.

{via MTV}

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