Friday, May 7, 2010

Own A Replica of Bella Swan's 'Eclipse' Bracelet

The company that brought you a replica of Bella's engagement ring from Eclipse is now selling a replica of Bella's bracelet.

The bracelet features:

* Stamped .925 Sterling Silver and solid copper/bronze components
* Swarovski Austrian Crystal heart charm (approx. 1-inch long and 0.5-inch wide)
* Custom-made and individually hand-cast copper/bronze wolf charm (approx. 1-inch long and 0.5-inch wide)
* Genuine Artisan-crafted Bali toggle clasp
* Hand-assembled
* Keepsake packaging (with plastic anti-tarnish bag)

To order the bracelet for yourself from Infinite Jewelry Co. click here.


  1. Cute.

    Though funny how everything off Twilight is being sold and bought.

  2. I want that!!

  3. I bought mine at and I love it! It's sterling silver, has a swarovski heart and even a wooden wolf.

  4. Yes, Eclipse has a much better version. I love the chain better and the fact that the wolf is wood.

  5. I got mine from as well. They really are pretty. I think they got new stuff out as well.