Friday, May 14, 2010

Planning on Camping out For 'Eclipse' Premiere? Summit Has Details

UPDATE: Summit has stated that "LA Live is not public property, and will not allow camping before June 24th. You also can not camp on the streets around LA Live." - from Twi Examiner

For those that are planning on camping out for the Eclipse premiere on June 24th, Summit Entertainment has an important piece of news for you:

The premiere is on June 24th and is being held in the Nokia Theater at LA Live in Los Angeles. If you plan to camp out, you may begin doing so for the red carpet premiere on Monday, June 21 at 6am PT. NO camping will be allowed before June 21st at LA Live (Nokia) or on the streets around LA Live.

How many of you are camping out for this?

{via Twilighters Anonymous}

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  1. Camping out?
    Wow! So insane..., but yeah if I'm around there, I will. lol