Thursday, May 6, 2010

Reelz Channel Talks Five Scenes That Need To Be in 'Breaking Dawn'

Reelz Channel has written up five key scenes they believe should make the final cut of the Breaking Dawn movie.

Do you think they got it right? Or are there other scenes you think should make it into the movie?

Edward & Bella's Wedding
Their long-awaited nuptials happen quite early on in the book, much to the delight of fans of the will-they-or-won't-they couple. It's a family affair that almost runs smoothly, no thanks to Jacob almost wolfing out when he learns that Bella plans to become a vampire. It's a testosterone-fueled scene, with the boys once again facing off, much to Bella's dismay (we bet she's secretly happy, really — who wouldn't want Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner fighting over her?!). The wedding, itself, has its moments, with the high point being the vows and Edward removing Bella's borrowed garter with his teeth. If that doesn't make it into the movie, Melissa Rosenberg will have a lot to answer for.

The Isle Esme Honeymoon
Calm down, ladies — we're almost positive this whole chapter will make it into the movie. It's the perfect opportunity to feature a topless Robert Pattinson during his impromptu celebratory skinny-dip, and it's also the first time Edward and Bella have sex. That said, it's not nice sex — it's Edward at his headboard-breaking, pillow-biting best, with Bella getting a little bruising during this most monumental of moments (not to mention extremely pregnant), which might not make it into the final cut of a PG-13 movie. We're just sayin'.

Jacob Forming His Own Wolf Pack
Jacob is totally fuming throughout Breaking Dawn, which is understandable, really, seeing as Edward has stolen his one true love and future mother of his pups. He narrates the second part of the book, and gives us an awesome insight into his mind. He's a funny guy, that Jacob Black. Unfortunately, The Pack are planning to kill Bella and her freaky fast-growing unborn child, and Jake doesn't like that AT ALL. He's still madly in love with her, you see, so he decides to break off from the pack and form his own, with Seth and Leah Clearwater for company. This scene could be the turning point for movie Jacob — it'd gain him some new admirers, and give Taylor Lautner a chance to shine. If it doesn't make it to the big screen, Taycob fans will probably start writing their hate mail straight away. Are you prepared for that, Summit?

Renesmee's Birth
This scene is where The Twilight Saga take a turn for the gruesome. It's like something out of Alien, only not quite as surprising. Bella's baby, Renesmee (yeah, don't ask), is now so huge, she literally breaks out of Bella's body, almost taking mommy's spinal cord with her in the process. Bella's nearly dead as a doornail before Edward realizes what he has to do to keep her alive — change her into a vampire. Like, now. So he injects his venom straight into her heart, then bites her. Many times. All over her body. It might sound hot, but it really isn't — it's all done in despair and with a savagery we haven't seen from Mr. Cullen before. It's the only scene that will push the PG-13 boundaries, but it's one that has to be included. The imagery will be awesome.

The Introduction of Other Vampire Clans
Towards the end of the book, the Cullens are preparing to take down the Volturi, yet again, and enlist the help of several vampire covens from all around the world. It looks like it's going to lead up to a huge battle, with casualties and bloodspill, but it doesn't. There is one good thing to come out of an otherwise redundant section, and that's a horde of new vampire characters. We meet the Amazon, Denali, and Irish covens, as well as the American Nomads. Some awesome characters are introduced, most notably Zafrina, Kate, and Garrett. Admittedly, they're underutilized in the book, but a well-written script could allow them to take center stage and liven things up a bit. Believe us, it's going to need it.

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  1. As long as they keep all the 'chats' between Edward & Jacob in his wolf & human form not out loud, all will be good with me! Die hard fans will get all the glances between them! To make all the conversations out loud will ruin some of it for me! :)

  2. I just want to movie to be as close to book as possible.... All these scenes def needs to be in the movie as for the pg13 I'm sure it's gonna stay at just that PG13 which kind of sucks;( lol I just want to see MR. Pattinson topless again ....;)

  3. I hope they put the ending of the book into the movie as well.

  4. its gunna b awsome hmm what else shud they put in i like all of them ones i thikn they are gr8 i just want all the jacob scenes tbh lol

  5. when jacob almost looses it at the wedding it's not because he finds out bella plan to become a vampire it's becuse she plans on having sex before she becomes a vampire and that edward could hurt her doing it.

  6. I REALLY WANT 2 C THE PART WITH RENESMEE's BIRTH IT SOUNDS SO COOL! buti feel so bad 4 bella having 2 go through this process.

  7. I really want all of the book in the movie, but that would take two movies! Hey that is not a bad idea! lol

  8. there is soo many good parts in the book, If they cant put it ALL into one movie they should just put it into 2 parts.(2 movies) it will be better in the long run even if we have to wait to see the second half.

  9. Not to spoil it but the very very end where bella finally shows him! I think that will end it perfectly