Saturday, May 15, 2010

Seth Clearwater's Bio Up on Official 'Eclipse' Website

Seth Clearwater

Seth has always idolized Jacob, and he is thrilled to become a part of the pack. He's only 15 when he becomes a wolf, which happens around the same time that his sister does. Due to his age the rest of the pack often protects him from any real danger. In Eclipse, he is left with Edward and Bella in the mountains to serve as a key link during the battle - Edward reads his mind in order to know what's happening on the battlefield. This puts him in a key defensive position when Victoria and Riley discover their location.

{via Eclipse The Movie}


  1. omg i looooooooove booboo stewart! hes sooooo hot and he was amazing in eclipse! can't wait to see his other movies!!!!

  2. Ever since I read Eclipse, I've LOVED the seth in the book, so when I heard that eclipse was coming out! I thought I might as well look up who was playing the roll, I LOVE BOOBOO STEWART!!! He is soo cute! Only if he could be about three years younger!! AHHH!!

  3. If I were the director, I wouldn't pick any other! He is soo super sweet and adorable