Wednesday, June 16, 2010

TwilightBlog's Twilight Saga Graphic Design Contest

TwilightBlog is now holding a Twilight Saga Graphic Design Contest! The winner will receive recognition on the site along with their graphic design, a short bio about them, and a picture of them. So what a better way to let the Twi community share in your gifts and appreciate your love for the Saga?

The rules are as follows:
1) Anything originally created may be submitted with the stipulation that it is computer made, AKA graphic design. The piece must be related to the Twilight Saga in someway but shows creativity in regards to the Saga.
2) The deadline is midnight Eastern Time (USA) June 1st 2010 with the winner being announced June 3rd 2010. The deadline has been postponed until June 15th at midnight with the winner being announced on June 18th.
3) Entries must be submitted to
4) Entries must included the following to be accepted: Name, E-mail, Age, Country, Short Bio, a recent Picture, and your graphic design piece.
5) Any late entries will not be accepted. No exceptions.

Entries will be evaluated according to the following:
1) Quality
2) Content
3) Creativity
4) Understanding of the Twilight Saga
5) Inspirational value


  1. Ah this sounds familiar... Bah a writer and poet I may be but Graphic Designer?

    Sigh... Oh well.

  2. can we use pics from twilight or internet for characters pics?

  3. You may use whatever as long as the final product is original.

  4. recent pic means like pic of me?

  5. I'd love to enter, but do i need to put a pic in? I hate pics of me..... i don't own any. :/

  6. Recent picture does mean of you. However, if on grounds of privacy you refuse to submit one that is fine.

  7. I entered your competition, hope you like my entry.

  8. hehe! i entered and mine looks da BEST! HOPE I WIN!!

    Brianna Quirk, 13

  9. 2 questions - is there an age limit for the contestents ?
    and how was the initial post posted on June 16, 2010 (see date next to TaraS' name.

  10. There is no age limit.
    The date was changed manually to keep it the first post for the desired period of time.

  11. ahhhh very clever - thank you so much

  12. Found the BEST Eclipse Update Facebook Site: Bellas Sparkle

  13. If you guys do a photo contest, I'll dominate.