Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Weekly Fan Fiction By Laura

Again, congrats to Laura M. for winning the Fan Fiction contest. If you haven't checked out her post yet, here it is.

We liked it so much (and you all seemed to as well) that we have invited Laura to write a WEEKLY story... and she has accepted!

And yes, we may still post some of your other stories! Keep checking back often, and be sure and check out our future contests (one of which is beginning in the next few days)! Stay tuned...


  1. YAY!! i'm so excited for her weekly writings... i mean her contest piece was incredible.. it was like i was back in my twilight world that i love so much, she really adapted meyer's writing and perception of the novels and made it her own.. loved it

    this girl has a HUGE future in writing and i hope she pursues it!

  2. She have a bright future coming on her way!
    Good luck for her next fan fiction stories!

  3. YAY!! thankyouu soo much for agreeing to this! i am so excited... i will look everyday for your post :) please be more of renessme and jacob :):) xxx Thanks for your amazing stories!