Thursday, June 10, 2010

Eclipse Anticipation Review: Eclipse Experiences for Mum & Daughter

By Janice H.

My anticipation review is probably not the sort of thing you are looking for, The Twilight Saga means a lot to me for different reasons to most. I just needed to write it down and this seemed a good enough reason - however I have not told anyone this before.

I have never been someone to obsess over a film, character or actor before, I am a typical wife/mum who works full time as an accountant (so not too exciting). But I am a Team Edward Twimom (cringe) and my daughter Sophie is team Jacob - healthy competition.

I have been married since the age of 18 to my true love and best friend , I have two sons, and in 2003 we adopted a nine year old girl, this brought challenges and the whole family worked wonders with her, however I always felt that as her mum she had most difficulties accepting my role in her new life - this was probably because her previous experiences of “Mums” was poor and abusive.

Twilight caught Sophie’s attention and she bought and read the books as soon as they were released (she had never read books before as her school life had also been hit and miss until she was 8 years old).

Sophie struggled at school and I was constantly nagging her to work - the Twilight Saga has got her reading all the time, if its not the books then its all the fan stories on the internet, her GCSE history has improved because she relates the American West topic to Jacob and his reserve. Her maths was put to the test when she ordered merchandise from an American website and had to convert $ to £’s and then also got import tax charges.

She saw the Twilight film at the pictures and when it was released on DVD bought it.

It was then the my relationship with my daughter changed - we watched the film and I thought it was great, I then borrowed her Twilight book and New Moon book (reading both within days) and fell in love with the characters and story, Me and Sophie had something in common, we talked about the books, characters and films. She told her dad to take me to the pictures to see New Moon and off we went, (I also went so see it a second time with Sophie) I went on to read Eclipse & Breaking Dawn - Great!!!

Moving on we had a much better relationship, me agreeing to go and see Valentines Day if she came to see Remember Me.

We have not had a cross word since - she is no longer argumentative and I am more compromising - we always have Twilight to chill out with. She accepts me as a friend and a mum.

My anticipation for Eclipse is based on a trip to London we have planned, Sophie will have completed her GCSE’s and so we are going (just the two of us) to the premier in London on 1st July stopping over and coming home on 2nd July, neither of us have ever been to anything like this before. We have then booked tickets to go and see the film in Derby on 3rd July and Sophie has booked tickets to got with her friend on 4th July.

The best thing was when she said “Mum I am really looking forward to going to London with you” and I am really looking forward to it too!!

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  1. Beautiful story! Made me cry x