Thursday, June 10, 2010

Eclipse Anticipation Reviews: The Roller Coaster Ride of their Lives: BELLA, EDWARD, JACOB, & VAMPIRE ARMIES–Who Will Survive?

By Jeany R. (AKA Gammy Sparkles)
Colorado, United States

Could there really be an army of vampires created to destroy Bella and Edward? Is Victoria so evil, that she could actually devise and carry out such a sick plan? We saw the lengths she went to in New Moon! It could only culminate in a grand-scale even to call out Edward and his kind, to get the Revenge so very much on the tip of Victoria’s tongue. With every passing day, Victoria needed to kill what is dearest to Edward. To make him feel the sting of loss which she had been living with every minute of the day. And, now, with an entire army of newborn vampires, those who did not really understand the depths of their own new lives, or their choices, she could finally exact the revenge that had eluded her. Thanks to the wolves and the vampires, she got really desperate. Did she really think she could pull it off? Did she totally miscalculate the wisdom and power of Edward’s family, the Wolf family, and their true loyalties?

Just when our hearts could breathe a sigh of relief that Bella and Edward would finally be together, more twists and turns are revealed to us! More trials unfold to us about the wolves and their lives, their wants, their needs, their hurts, and their new challenges, peace with the Cullens, and war with the newborn vampires! We are hurled into a parallel world of danger, love, true loyalty, shaking the very foundations of our minds.

With all of these converging events, keeping human life safe had just been elevated to an all-time challenge. Keeping the secret lives safe, keeping the humans alive, defeating the twisted and evil-misguided new vampires from destroying both of their secret lives and the humans around them, was not looking possible. This would require an all-hands-on-deck effort never before seen; at least not here and now.

So how was this newly-created vampire army in Seattle going to transcend on the local vampires and wolves? How were the Volturi going to react to this?

Would the wolves be able to join forces with their sworn enemies, the vampires to defeat the newer and more dangerous enemies? Would the humans in this area be able to survive this war when the forces actually met in battle in this area of Washington State? Would they get wind of the real events, and fall prey?

Could Cullens rally enough forces to work together and not turn on each other, to defeat Victoria and her Army. Would Bella and Edward survive the trials of this so very dangerous event. Maybe Jacob’s warmth would turn her affections. Maybe Edward would actually push her toward Jacob for her own safety. Could their hearts endure this travesty? Would they actually ever really get married?

This movie will take us on a roller coaster ride with the lives and loves of our heroines hanging by a thread! Our hearts are now pounding!

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