Thursday, June 17, 2010

"Eclipse" Premiere: Fan Line and Camping Guidelines

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Today Summit announced the fan line and camping guidelines for the "Eclipse" premiere, which will be taking place on June 24th! Fans that are planning on camping out for the premiere will need to read these guidelines over first!

THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE Premiere – Fan Line and Camping

TWILIGHT Fans are allowed to begin lining up at NOKIA PLAZA L.A. LIVE no earlier than 6:00 am on Monday, June 21, 2010.

Overnight camping is allowed in designated areas only, starting in the Nokia Plaza. Please follow all directions advised by L.A. LIVE and Summit security. Please note, that special wristbands will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis and each fan must be present to receive a wristband. Each wristband will be numbered and reserves a space in the Fan Viewing areas for the Eclipse Red-Carpet arrivals in sequential order. The wristbands DO NOT enable access to the Movie Premiere.

Fans will be asked to change location as Premiere set-up begins on the Nokia Plaza on Wednesday morning June 23rd at 6:00am.


– ONLY Standard Sized Pop Tents will be allowed
- 4×4 (16 sq. ft.) or less. No oversized tents, staked tents, etc due to limited space
– ABSOLUTELY No Drugs or Alcohol allowed on premises
– No Cooking On-Site or open flame
– No amplified music. All music devices must be used with headset or earphone
– Smoking in Designated Areas Only outside of the NOKIA Plaza boundaries
– Fans are responsible for their own property. LA Live, AEG, nor Summit is responsible for any lost or stolen items
– Everyone must please pick up after themselves. A fine will be enforced for anyone who litters on Nokia or LA City property
– Please only use the restrooms designated for fans and respect the other area businesses
– Guests must follow the rules and directions of L.A. LIVE Management/Summit Security at all times

THANK YOU for your cooperation and adherence to the above to help ensure a safe and entertaining experience for everyone!


Twilight fans will be given wristbands starting at 6:00am on Monday, June 21, 2010. Wristbands MUST be worn until the premiere is over. Any wristband that has been tampered with or removed will NOT be considered valid. Any fan arriving without wearing the original wristband they were provided will not be allowed into the viewing area. There will be periodic spot checks through June 24, the day of the event. On event day, fans will begin lining up in sequential order based on their wristband number.

2:00 PM: Wristband #4700-5000
2:30 PM: Wristband #5001-5300
3:00 PM: Wristband #5301-5600
3:30 PM: Wristband #5601<


Summit Entertainment created a, where all of the premiere information can be found. This will also be where any updates or new information about the premiere camping guidelines, etc. will be added.

L.A. Lakers Victory Parade Information
Due to the Laker parade on Figueroa Boulevard on June 21st, some streets around L.A. LIVE will be closed from 4:00am - 12:00pm, so please access L.A. LIVE via Olympic Boulevard. If you require parking, we recommend Lot 1, which opens at 5:30 AM and can be accessed from Cherry Street, or any other adjacent lots. Lot W and Lot C are NOT available for fan parking. Security check points around L.A. LIVE on the 21st are designed to only allow TWILIGHT Fans access to the NOKIA Plaza for camping set up. No parade attendees will be permitted on the NOKIA campus; only Twilight fans will be given access.

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  1. It doesn't make sense that you would have to camp out still if you get a numbered wrist band on a first come first serve basis!!!! Why would they want people camping out on the sidewalks while the film festival is going on when they can just easily give you a wrist band and tell you to come back Thursday morning to line up in the order that your wristband is in??

  2. what would happen if we did do that? ^^^^

  3. anyone that was there, can you let me know if you are allowed to leave and come back or if you HAVE TO camp out?

    and is there ever any fans allowed into the movie, maybe through contests, local radio station, etc.?

  4. Was there and was very disappointed in how people behaved. Lining up began way before 6AM, I heard some say as early as midnight? We had arrived Saturday thinking that would assure us a pretty good place in line. Not so much! Lining up early was not permitted supposedly. We went down to check around 3:30AM only to find the street filled with people. :( We took our place pretty far down the road and many joined after. At some point after 6AM when Special Event Mngmnt. people arrived and tried to begin organizing the people, everyone (these were grown adults remember) began running towards the front. The mngment folks could not control the 'fans' even after repeated threats to not hand out tickets. Consequently those of us that attempted to listen to the organizers ended up at the end of the line. So after traveling 2000 miles and spending a great deal of money to give my 13 yo daughter a time she would never forget, we were quickly reminded of how rude the general public can be. We did receive wristbands, however the numbers did not allow us a very good position on the carpet. We still had a great time and were fortunate to have a Twilight Mom near who was kind enough to take my daughter's book and have it signed since we were not in the front row. Not exactly how we had planned it, but we certainly learned a lot and will remember it the next time......and there will be a next time!