Saturday, June 12, 2010

'Eclipse' Screening Brings High Praises From Viewers

A special press screening of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse was held in LA yesterday night and those lucky viewers took to their Twitter pages to give their thoughts - minus the spoilers - on the film! Here are the tweets that Twi Examiner rounded up:

- Heidi, Twilight Facebook: "Let me just say you guys will LOVE Eclipse"

- Lauren, Twilight Facebook: "Just got out of 'Eclipse'! It was AMAZING. Thank you @DAVID_A_SLADE for really bringing out the best of this book and movie. :)"

- Twilight Lexicon: "The Whole admin team just got to see Eclipse in IMAX. All of us agree 100% with Loris post Oprah Show review!"

- Twilighters Anonymous: "Promise no spoilers, but I will say Eclipse is the best of the three. Very well done and the fight scene will give you goosebumps.

- Taryn Ryder, E! Online: "know im not allowed 2 tweet ab eclipse.but since it's good does that not count?100% best 1 so far,very very pleasantly surprised"

- BUZZNET: "We just saw a screening of Eclipse. It was pretty funny for an emo love story. Will live tweet the interviews w the cast tomorrow. Tune in!"

- Joshua Horowitz, MTV: "I've seen "Eclipse" and I don't think I can say much more than that. I'll risk execution and say it's the best of the 3."

- Steve Weintraub, "Eclipse in IMAX looked great. Best action of series.Also wolf effects much better than new moon.Fans are going to love it"

- George Roush, "#Eclipse is the best of the #Twilight movies. The CGI was a lot better and the fights were pretty cool. And they talked about love and s---."

- Shaun Robinson: "Just saw Eclipse! Great! So much ACTION and, ladies, the guys are HOTTER than ever!"

{via Twi Examiner}


  1. OMG I CANT WAIT!!!!

  2. *i dont aim to get judgy* *i dont want to sound critical before I
    even see the actual movie*
    But...why was the word 'love' mentioned only once? o_0 Ok, I totally long for the whole 'action thing', the battle, but...'but'
    All the clips I've watched so far, had a really erotic Edward/Rob
    with his casual, caring/dazzling looks and a completely bored Bella
    who would only get excited by Jacob's presence...:/ WTF?
    PLZ, someone who's seen the screening DO prove me wrong! PLZ! I want to stay spoiler-free for now on, till June 30th and if you won't relief me I'm gonna see all the clips till then, something
    I dont want to...:(:(