Monday, June 21, 2010

Edward or Jacob? Have It Your Way!

Today, the Burger King promotion for 'Eclipse' officially starts! The promotion once again will focus mainly on the teams: Team Edward and Team Jacob. As for Team Bella, fans are able to purchase a Team Bella waterbottle but unfortunately that's about it.
BK Eclipse Promotion

A promotional campaign for the third “Twilight” movie at Burger King takes advantage of the rivalry between “Twilight” fans enamored of the two main male characters.

The campaign, scheduled to get under way on Monday, supports a game that Burger King customers can play, which is linked to the next movie, “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,” due to be released by Summit Entertainment next Friday.

The game has two panels, one labeled “Team Edward,” after the vampire heartthrob, and the other labeled “Team Jacob,” after the hottie werewolf. In the campaign, dueling devotees of the two characters are seen marching into a Burger King restaurant, urging customers to play the game by scratching off the panel with their favorite character.

The commercials, to be shown on television and online, are hilarious. “Jacob’s abs are so hard,” a Jacob fan tells a customer, “you can scratch that game piece on them.” An Edward fan explains that he is not dead, just alive forever.

Each team insists its character is the better choice for Bella, the female protagonist. Members of Team Bella, if there are any, will have to wait for a game pegged to the fourth movie.

The prizes in the scratch-off game include cash, a car, movie tickets and “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” Ultimate Experience, which is a screening of the film and a movie set tour. There will also be an interactive element to the game, at the Web site

Burger King also plans to sell movie tie-in merchandise like water bottles; it did the same thing for the second film.

{Via New York Times}

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