Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fan 'Eclipse' Review: Undescribable

By: Maja O.
Location: Sweden

Time is now 2.15 am and I just got back from the cinema after 'The Twilight Movie Night' and 'Eclipse' here in Gothenburg, Sweden.

(Please consider that these are all my own thoughts about it, don´t get all worked up if you don´t think the way I do and please share your own thoughts about it in the comments below if you feel that way).

I do not find words on how good 'Eclipse' was, it is so undescribable.

David Slade really captured everything that 'The Twilight Saga' is all about. He really put his own mark on it and he has really done a great job with it, but all credit to Melissa Rosenberg because this is absolutely the best she´s ever written to 'The Twilight Saga' and of course these are all my own thoughts and opinions, you might have differents thoughts about it ;)

Kristen, Robert and Taylor and of course the rest of the cast have done an incredible job they too and according to me this was the best movie they´ve ever done. They were amzing...all of them.

As well as David Slade captured the story of 'The Twilight Saga' the cast captured their characters and it really showed that they put their soul into it and did their best to make them as real as possible.

I laughed, cried, giggled and I drooled, so many emotions flowed trough my body during the movie and it really was a good mixture of everything. I also think that even the guys might like 'Eclipse', it´s not just for girls ;) The humor in 'New Moon' was stepped up a whole other notch since 'Twilight' but 'Eclipse' took it once again to a whole other level and I really enjoyed it in a different way than I did with 'Twilight' and 'New Moon'.

The only bad things (not that anything was bad with it) was that in the beginning it felt like we just jumped from one event to another without any real connection and it all went really fast. So after half of the movie I believe that we´ve gone trough almost 80% of the book. They missed out on some pieces of the book that I felt were really important to make it into the movie, but you can´t get it all can you?

The best scenes and funniest scenes of the entire movie was of course the Charlie and Bella sextalk. It was so funny, it felt that I was going to blow up with laughter and I sure wasn´t the only one that felt that way. The whole cinema was full of laughter and giggles.

The second best scene was the one when Jacob kissed Bella and she hit him in the face. It was also one of the scenes that filled the whole cinema with laughter.

The proposal scene can´t be described in words so that one you have to see and experience for yourself and of course there were tons of great scenes and the whole movie was so amazing, but these were the scenes that I thought were worth to be mentioned in my review.

I really hope that all of you enjoy 'Eclipse' as much as I did and I would love to hear all of your experiences and thought about it so please feel free to share. I wish you the best Eclipse experience, because I sure did have an amazing one :D

PS. I will put some photos of my 'Eclipse' experience in this post as soon as I get home, because I can´t transfer my photos from my camera to my computer from the hotelroom. I forgot my camera-cable at home "/

- Maja Östling


  1. Omg I cannot cannot wait sounds AWESOME!!!!!

  2. I loved Eclipse so much. It was the best movie from the saga, because it was most truthful to the book. Only one thing annoyed me, it was the fact that bella cut herself in the battle, when in the book she didn't. But still a brilliant movie!


    I think they made the movie a lot more funny than the book, which I'm curious about.

    Jasper went from having a southern accent to his normal voice whenever the mood struck him.

    They sped WAY too quickly during the first half of the movie. She forgave Jacob, suddenly, for saying he wished she were dead, like she wasn't even that pissed after all. If you can't fit in all the information, edit! Film school 101!

    From an artistic standpoint, if you're going to use a lens with a short focal length, please make sure its in focus.

    I am a Team Edward so maybe thats why but the movies portray Jacob as a much more likable character than he was in the books. In the books, I felt he was too pushy and immature.

    This is a minor detail but I was disappointed that Edward never technically AGREED to "try" after they get married.


    The leg hitch scene...got it!

    One thing I appreciated was how they combined all the directors takes on the Cullen house. They rebuilt the set so that the staircase and the cross art piece were present.

    You really do get ALL the emotions that this book has.

    The characters makeup was perfected and the wolves were done impeccably.

    The script was the closest to the book so far. It was as if they were reading from the pages but they only did that really in scenes where it was absolutely necessary.

    They used "The Second Life of Bree Tanner" and pulled clips from that book into the film. It really summed it up.

    Victoria was better than I was expecting.

    They really portrayed the vampires as creepy and not just sparkling undead. I don't want to give away the fight scenes but the way they destroy each other is so badass.

    My favorite scenes: When Edward says, "Its starting..." and it leads into the battle. OH-MY-GOD...If you haven't seen it, just wait. That is seriously the most intense and amazing clip. My other is the engagement in Edward's room. And the last scene, I almost cried at the end when Bella does her monologue.

  4. Thank you for great reviews!!!I cannot wait untill they already show the movie in Ukraine!I envy you:)

  5. omg i am soo jelouse! in england there is advanced screenings for the 3rd and 4th but it dont come out until the 9th!!!
    Luck i got the midnight screening!!
    Ahh soo excited!

  6. i love this movie. i liked the scene of the camping tent, where it was so cold, it was so hard for edward to see jacob giving warmth to bella.he had to bare so much for bella. the look in his eyes waw!! he is so gorgeous and so hottt!! and the abs of jacob kills me!! best movie of my life!!!