Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jimmy Kimmel: Total 'Eclipse' of the Heart Special!

Jimmy Kimmel's "Eclipse" special aired on June 23rd. The cast, which happened to be a good portion that actually showed up, discussed Eclipse, filming, and so forth. There were some clips thrown in, most we've seen but there was one new TINY clip towards the middle/end of the special [Warning for those avoiding spoilers]! As for the fan questions, those were at the end...warning: some of them will cause second hand embarrassment lol! Oh and least I forget...there is a Jersey Shore spoof in there, too!

{Via KStewRobFans}

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  1. thanks for posting this! I missed this last night cause I thought it was set to record but nooooo and I wasn't home so I only got to see the last half hour of it! thanks again :) CAN'T WAIT FOR July 3rd (cause thats when I go see Eclipse cause the 30th, 1st, and 2nd my mom is working) I don't see why she can take off a day to see one of the BEST movies EVER!!! GO TEAM EDWARD!!!