Monday, June 21, 2010

KABC Covers 'Eclipse' Tent City

As you all know, camping out for the Eclipse premiere, which takes place this Thursday [June 24th], has officially begun! KABC spoke to a few of the fans that were camping out and they also showed small snippets of a Jackson/Kellan interview!

Also, here are some updates for those who were considering/are camping out:
@TwiFans: Eclipse "tent" city is full according to security I wonder where the 2nd line is heading?
@TwiFans:We heard this rumor too RT @robkris13 @TwiFans: I heard they're putting up bleachers for the other line to sit in.
@TwilightLexicon:So if you are camping out at the Nokia, the Hilton crew is apparently coming by with blankets, pillows etc.

To the fans that are camping out for the premiere, be safe and have fun!


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