Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kellan Lutz: On Marriage

Kellan Lutz is a romantic at heart. In his first leading-role for the film, “Love, Wedding, Marriage” he co-stars with Mandy Moore. And in between Press Junkets for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Kellan shared his new "appreciation" for marriage.

This really has opened my eyes in a big way. Specifically what is important in a marriage and making that bond last," Kellan shared, in the upcoming romantic comedy he plays a newlywed.

I love marriage! Seriously, I want to get married and have it last for all the right reasons and know she is the right one for me. And I want to marry for love. Not insecurities or dependence."

Kellan is happily dating '90210' actress Anna Lynne McCord. But despite his relationship he still is not seen as the "romantic comedy" lead yet. So far, he has the Twilight Saga: Eclipse coming out to theatres this month and he is filming the mythological movie "Immortals".

His in-shape physique makes him more of a contender for action films it seems. But his opportunity to work in his first romantic comedy was thanks to the help of Dermot Mulroney. Dermot, who Kellan calls, “the king of romantic comedy”, is doing his debut as a film director with this film about a newlywed counselor (Mandy) whose parents are separating.

“It's the perfect option for his debut," Kellan said, very grateful of Dermot's support for this project.
It's funny because he'll say to me 'Kellan, remember what we talked about in rehearsal. This is where you have to say that corny line and I'll make it work as the director.' Thank God!" laughed Kellan.

{Via Todo Twilight Saga}

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