Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kristen And Taylor At Twilight Fan Event In Sweden

These are all my personal photos and videos that I took and recorded from yesterday´s Fan Event in Stockholm, Sweden. The whole event was really awesome and seeing Kristen and Taylor so close was really really cool. The pictures are not in very high quality since everybody was pushing and the camera couldn´t be held still.

One thing that was really bad with the event was that they only stayed on stage for a very short time and it were only the ones that had won a contest at MTV that got autographs and stuffs like that when they came out on stage, since they got to stand right next to the red carpet.
But besides that everything were really great and it was probably the best day in my life so far.

A friend of mine won a contest and she got autographs and hugs of both Kristen and Taylor and after the Event we met and I hugged her so indirectly I hugged them too ;) Hahah

Here´s two videos of the interview part from the event that I recorded:

Here´s a video from "Life In The City":

I´m going to let the photos speak for themselves:

Here is their limosine that we saw when we went to the back of the arena, they were just leaving so Kristen sat in it. I was so close and I bet she saw me.

I don´t think that I can describe how it was like during all the events last night with words, because it´s definitely something that you got to experience by yourself. And I think that I´m still in some kind of chock that I actually got to be so close to them (I stood maximum 5 meter from them). So my emotions right now are undescribable. It really was a night to remember and I will post even more photos when I get them from my friends, because I´ve got loads to show you guys :D

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