Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kristen's Interview With Access Hollywood

Kristen sat down today with Access Hollywood and talked Breaking Dawn & Eclipse. Kristen gets pumped talking about Edward and Bella finally taking it all the way. I know everyone cannot wait for that moment. :)

“[Edward and Bella] are man and wife now,” Kristen explained further. “They have a kid, and so I guess to get there, you know, that happens.”

She also talks about Eclipse and how bouncing from Taylor to Rob was difficult for her. Oh I feel so sorry for her, don't you ladies? ;)

“I was nervous about it,” she said. “It’s like the most unique kiss in the whole series… [Bella] sees that there are clearly two different paths that are maybe not equally as desirable but definitely good, both are great, and she’s never acknowledged that before. She’s always been like, ‘No, Edward’s perfect!’ And so it really freaks her out, and it really freaked me out playing it.”

She continues on talking about the press and how she is perceived to the public when she is on camera.

“I feel like the cameras just cut to me just as soon as I stop smiling,” she explained. “I thought most of that stuff was funny. I’m telling you, face transplant! It’s gonna happen pretty soon, I think.”

C'mon guys give the girl a break! She cannot smile constantly :) Kristen loves her craft and is obviously passionate about it and has no plans to go anywhere. I am expecting great things from this young starlet and cannot wait to see her projects in the future.

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