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Laura's Corner-Part 7

The day of the party arrived far too soon for me. I had played my part to a tee about the excitement I felt about the up and coming event that I doubted even Jacob knew it was all just a facade. I had, had an uneasy feeling about it right from the start, but I would stick to my promise and I would go ahead with it. Jake and I had planned to get up early to do all the decorations and last minute preparations, but somehow, we got side tracked.

“I’m gonna have to skip school and finish it off.” I said, getting out of bed.

“I’ll stay with you. It’s not like I’m gonna miss anything.”

That was true. Jacob and I had been through high school enough times now that we probably knew more than the tutor themselves. I reached out my hand, touching his cheek softly and showed him Darren and Kyle. He should go be with them today, get hyped up about tonight’s events. I could handle the house, I think.

“I’ll see them tonight Ness.”

“Yes and you’ll see me too.” Sometimes I don’t know where I got the strength from to tell him to leave. But I knew deep down if he didn’t go, absolutely nothing would get done. And although I wasn’t exactly thrilled about the idea, I did want Kyle to have a party to remember.

I eventually got Jake to leave after making a few promises that I’m sure I wouldn’t have any trouble in keeping. I looked round the house and literally had no idea what to do with it. I could hang up the streamers I had, but was that a bit childish? He was going to be turning eighteen. I knew who I needed; I found my phone and dialled the only person who sprung to my mind.

“Renesmee, how are you sweet heart?”

“Hey, I’m great Alice.” It felt so wonderful to hear her voice, I hadn’t seen her in such a long time and I knew she would love a chance to help me decorate. “Are you busy at all?”

“No, I can be there in the hour.”

Before I had chance to reply she was gone. Did she see what I was asking her to do? I know sometimes I caused loopholes in her visions, but throughout the years she had got better at seeing what I was up to. Not that she had much practise because this only worked when I was nowhere near Jacob, which of course, wasn’t very often. Like Alice had promised, she was round within the hour carrying with her a short, yet elegant looking black dress.

“You will look stunning in this.” She beamed “Just do me a favour and don’t tell your dad.”

Although the dress isn’t exactly something I would have picked out myself, I didn’t care about that. It had been so long since I’d seen my aunty. I hugged her tightly and showed her my gratitude. “Alice you’re a life saver”

It was strange how the afternoon completely flew by, all the anxious feelings I had felt just disappeared. I only wished Bella could be here to, she would have loved to have helped out if it meant spending time with Alice and me. I would ring her tomorrow.

“Right I think that will just about do it.” Alice said after placing the last plate of food down on the fantastic spread she had made “You go get changed Ness, you are going to look drop dead gorgeous.”

I looked around the room, Jake would definitely know I had had help; it looked amazing but maybe slightly over the top. The kitchen now looked like a night club. Alice had in stored a variety of strobe lights, along with a smoke machine. All the furniture had been moved upstairs so there was room for a dance floor along with huge speakers and even a bar.

“Are you sure we should encourage the underage drinking?”

“They are going to be doing it with or without the bar Ness. You’re so like your Mom. Plus the bar has class; it gives the room that little bit extra.” She grinned.

“Oh, Alice I can’t thank you enough, I couldn’t have done anything like this.”

“You can thank me by getting out of them God awful clothes and showing me what you look like before I have to go.”

How could I refuse? I grabbed the dress and ran into the bathroom. I studied myself in the mirror for a fraction of a second and decided on pinning my long bronzed curls up. I twisted and plaited my way through until I was satisfied that Alice would appreciate the effort I had put in. I went the extra mile by even adding a bit of make up to my eyes, cheeks and lips, then slipped into my dress with ease. It was a perfect fit! I walked back into the kitchen, tugging my dress down as I went yet no matter how much I pulled the dress, it was just that bit too short for my comfort zone.

To my surprise Jacob was already in the kitchen hugging Alice when I entered, the day really had flown by. They both turned to look at me as I moved closer. Alice’s angelic smile grew wider where as Jacob’s face looked as though he was in shock. I looked stupid. I knew the dress was too short and the makeup was probably a bit over the top for me. I didn’t really know how to put it on, I should have asked for Alice’s help.

“Too much?” I asked, scared as to what the outcome of my question was.

Jacob’s expression changed into the playful face I love, “How can a dress that short be too much?” he joked, and I knew it was a joke yet because of my insecurities I could not smile back. In an instant Jacob was by my side. “You literally took my breath away when I saw you just then. “He brushed my cheek and I felt my knees quiver. “You look absolutely gorgeous Nessie.”

“Right and that’s my cue to leave.” Alice announced “I’m going to love you and leave you.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to stay for a while? After all it was all your hard work.”

“No, I’ll let you guys tell me all about it when you come visit me and Jas.” She winked and was gone.


Jacob had gone and changed into something smarter than usual to put my mind at ease about the dress and before I knew it Celeste had arrived, who thankfully was wearing a dress that was only quarter of an inch longer than mine.

“I know I’m slightly early but I just couldn’t wait to see your place.” The excitement on her face was actually amusing to see, especially when she walked into the kitchen and saw the mini night club that had been created. It took her at least ten minutes to calm down and stop going on about every little detail.

“You never fail to surprise me Nessie. You’re so different to anyone I’ve ever met.” Her awe inspired tone frightened me. There were always odd moments and weird coincidences where Celeste seemed to notice the differences about Jacob and me. And I didn’t mean the obvious facts like being rich or living on our own either. “I should learn to expect the unexpected with you.”

“Yes but doesn’t that make the unexpected, expected?” I joked and I could tell by the smile on her face, her track of though had vanished.

The house filled up quickly of all ages from our school. I guess Kyle was just so excited he invited everyone or people were just being nosey. Either way the party was not as bad as I had expected, what was I worrying about? I didn’t get to see Jacob all that much as he was doing his part greeting the guests and ensuring Kyle had a great time but I didn’t mind much as I had Celeste to keep me occupied.

“So I was thinking next Saturday we should go out for the day. We could go to the cinema or do some shopping or something?” She yelled over the booming music.

“Yeah that’s a great idea Celeste. There’s that new movie that I’ve been dying to see. Oh what’s it called?”

“Truth hurts?” A voice interrupted. It was Robbie Johnson, he was in Celeste and mines biology class and I had noticed on more than once occasion the way he looked at her. “Would you mind?” Robbie indicated to the camera he was holding in his hand.

“No of course not” Celeste grinned and wrapped her arm around me.

“Say cheese!”

I did my cheesiest grin and the flash of the camera disorientated me for a split second. After the picture had been taken Robbie didn’t move, it was as if he was actual glued to the spot. All three of us then stood there in that awkward moments silence. (When I say silence I mean conversation wise because the music was very loud.)

“Erm, Celeste, would you like to have a dance with me” Robbie muttered, it was quite pathetic yet cute the way he had said it. Celeste turned to me and gave me the “should I?” look.

“Well, I’m going to get some food so I’ll leave you both to it.” I winked at her and she smiled back. Robbie was a nice guy, I would be so happy for Celeste if she had finally found someone who deserved her. I went over to the table covered in food and grabbed a plate that I put a few pieces of chicken on. I began to nibble on a piece surveying the busy room as I did so.

“Hello Renesmee.” Someone slurred, I turned round to see who it was.

“Oh hi Darren.” He looked incredibly drunk. “Shall I get you some water?”

“Water?” He spat, “No, I want more booze!”

“Oh right, well maybe you should have some food in that case too.” I really was trying not to be a party pooper. “The chicken is really tasty.”

“Do you know what I find tasty?” His eyes that had once been so warm and friendly changed instantaneously into something cold and creepy. “You are looking so tasty this evening Nessie.” He cooed. I knew he was only drunk but he was over stepping, or rather leaping the line here.

“I think you’ve had a bit too much to drink Darren. Let’s go find Jacob yeah?”

“Oh but I want to stay here and talk with you.” He stoked the outside of my thigh which made my skin crawl and venom rise up in my throat. I could break his arm in a second, his neck even. I wouldn’t have to think twice, but I was better than that.

“Darren take your hand off me before I throw you out.”

“Oh, don’t play hard to get Nessie, I’ve seen the way you look at me.” Right, he had definitely had too much to drink, he was deluded. “You can’t be as in love with Jacob as you make out when you haven’t even experienced a real man.”

I began to laugh. Was he being serious? “Jake is more of a man than you’ll ever be.”

“Come on, just a little kiss, it won’t hurt.”

The jokiness before had faded, whether he had, had too much drink or not enough was enough. What kind of a person hits on his friends partner? Before I had chance to get Jacob to take Darren home, he lunged at me. His lips smacked on to mine and his hands wrapped round my hair with such force that I was perilous to stop it, although I was much, much stronger than Darren the sheer shock froze me to the spot. I felt physically sick as his mouth crashed down on mine with too much enthusiasm. Before I could even think about what my natural reaction was to stop it, I had done it. I had shoved my hand on to Darren’s cheek and “showed” him as many images of the word “NO” that I knew. Hundreds of images now ran through Darren’s head and I had let the perfect facade slip. He knew I wasn’t normal. Darren’s lips loosened their grip from mine. He opened his eyes and froze, just the way I had but before I had chance to explain, to tell him how drunk he was and to make him forget what he had just seen, an eruption of screams took over the room.

They were screams of panic of fear. I had no idea what could cause such a reaction. No one else would have seen what I just projected on to Darren and even if they had, the reaction was completely over the top no matter how strange. I turned to see the culprit of such terror, and there on the other side of the room was a huge, angry wolf. So big it towered over everyone else and was more the height of a huge bear. I gasped in shock. This could not be happening, not here! The russet coloured wolf came charging towards my direction snarling and growling as it came. The people in the house were running in every direction trying to escape the nightmare that had become real. I grabbed Darren and thrust him behind me.

“JAKE, NO!” I screamed. I raised my arms out in front of me as a sort of shield, a weak barrier in case Jacob wasn’t able to stop. He wouldn’t kill me, I knew this for sure. But the force of his charge could injure me and more importantly I would seriously hurt Darren if I got thrust into him, or worse, kill him.

Jacob’s claws dug into the laminate flooring tearing up chunks as he skidded to a halt. And the screaming stopped. If the people at the party hadn’t seen Jacob just transform into a wolf in front of their very eyes, they had definitely had heard me scream his name at the huge monster. I stared deep into his eyes; the viciousness was beginning to fade and reality plus guilt had settled in. We couldn’t stay here, we both knew that now. We had to run! Jacob nodded at me, as though he were reading my thoughts. I leapt on to his back and he raced out the door. As I turned back to survey our house the last thing I saw was Celeste’s face, it was not in shock or terror like the others. She looked genuinely upset or betrayed, I couldn’t work out which and I felt a lump in my throat knowing that this would be the last time I ever saw her.

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