Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nettie | Leah Diane Gibson

Leah Gibson
The Character

Name: Nettie

Type: Vampire

Special Ability: None

About Them: Nettie, along with her sisters Lucy and Maria, were one of the originators of the Southern vampire wars. Nettie was described as a beautiful angel with blonde hair and snow white skin. She was a follower of Maria's and not quite as controlled around humans.

Their Earlier History: The only background we are given on Nettie is that along with Maria and Lucy they were conquering territories during the Southern wars to gain power over the most populated areas. The three of them were building and army when they find Jasper. Nettie and her sisters change Jasper in hopes that his military background will give them one up on the thirsty vampires battling it out in the south. After a short lived period together, Nettie (and Lucy as well) ended up turning on Jasper and Maria and that battle was lost. In the end, Maria and Jasper killed Nettie.

Actor Biography
Leah Gibson
Name: Leah Diane Gibson

Nick Name(s) - none

Date of Birth: Unknown

Height: 5'7

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Fun Fact: Leah has a twin sister, Erin, who she calls - "the love of her life" - that lives with her and her husband in Doha, of the Middle East.

Hometown - Victoria, a small city on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada.

Career: Only after 6 months of signing with her agent, Leah booked her very first lead role on a feature film, The Cycle, with Daryl Hannah. Within her first year she also landed roles in other projects, including Watchmen. Leah has taken well to the Hollywood lights and now has a recurring role on the Battlestar Galactia prequel.

About Them: At the age of 4, Leah and her sister began training in several genres of dance. She discovered she had a passion for musical theater and in her senior year she transfered to a school specializing in fine arts. In that year she performed in 4 different musicals and still managed to maintain honor student status. After high school she went onto study psychology at the University of Victoria, where she was then cast in her first professional production with a national touring company. She decided to take time off school to work on the production to only have the company lose funding only after 2 months. On a whim, Leah then decided to take up acting.

Quick Quotes: "Jules Verne is my favorite bed time adventure. Best read aloud. Try it-- you'll fall in love with the deep deep blue..." - via Twitter


  1. ...she's..the sister of..maria and..lucy..they are the one..who belong to jasper's past^_^

  2. I don't rember her from the books alot are sure they don't mean
    the girl OMG SHES THAT GIRL FROM WHEN jasper was in the army.
    I imagined her with long dark hair and dark skin.

  3. cool but not seen in many ways

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