Monday, June 28, 2010

New TV Spot!

A new Eclipse TV spot seems to have appeared online in the past few days! This one actually contains some small, but new scenes! We're just a couple days away - are you planning on going opening day?

Please note: the video isn't the best quality, it's unfortunately the only version I could find online.

{Via IfICouldDream}

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  1. Awesome Clip! I'm so excited. I'm Going to see twilight, and New moon Tuesday Which i had no idea my local thater was doing and for only 10 dollars total. Needless to say i jumped on that :D And then Wednesday at 11, im going to see Eclipse with my Girlfriend. Which is funny considering I'm more of a Twilight fan, and she's more of a Harry Potter fan, and usually its the other way around haha, but she likes Twilight too. Anyways Super Excited. :D