Monday, June 7, 2010

The New Vampires in 'The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner'

Not only will Stephenie Meyer's novella The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner give you the chance to learn the backstory of newborn vampire "Bree" but you will also be introduced to a few new vampires who may appear in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (maybe this is why Stephenie suggested we read the novella before we see Eclipse in theaters).

There are obviously spoilers ahead if you haven't read the novella yet:

Bree Tanner
After running away from home because her father beat her, Bree was so hungry, all Riley had to do was promise her a burger to trick her into becoming a vampire. She's not sure if she was 15 or 16 when she was turned, three months before the battle in "Eclipse."

Raoul and Kristie
Of the twenty-odd newborns Bree is living with in "Short Second Life," these are the two that are most likely to appear in the movie. They each lead their own "gang" of newborns, with Raoul controlling most of the male vampires and Kristie directing most of the females. Neither is physically described in the book, so it's not clear exactly what they look like, but from the exclusive photo MTV received of the newborns following Riley out of a body of water, it can be inferred that they are the male and female vampires flanking him.

Freaky Fred
The two newborns that Bree befriends in "Short Second Life" are a bit less likely to make it into the final cut of "Eclipse." Fred, a tall, muscular vampire with curly blond hair who Bree guesses to be around college-age, has the special ability to be able to repulse those around him, and can slip by unnoticed by making it so that no one can lay their eyes on him. He protects Bree this way and leaves the rest of the newborn pack before they confront the Cullens in the final battle.

The clear-headed newborn teams up with Bree early on in "Short Second Life" and the two develop a chaste but sweet romantic relationship over the course of one day. Diego is older than most of the others (by a few months) and not as savagely driven by his thirst. He's described as having "dark, dense, curly hair, big, wide eyes and really full lips," and — like all of Meyer's vampires — he's very, very pretty. SPOILER: His second life barely lasts longer than hers does, and he doesn't make it to the final battle against the Cullens.

A few other newborns named in the novella: Kevin, one of Raoul's lackeys, and Sara and Jen, who follow Kristie. None of them received physical descriptions in the novella, so unless they are referred to by name, it will be hard to pin them down amid the rest of the army. There is also a vampire whom Bree calls "the blond Spider-man kid" because he talks about the comic book hero and climbs walls like him in one scene.

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  1. I bought the book and i love the cover, i hope its good!

  2. this book was sooo amazing!!! i loved it! but at one part it was sad :( ( if you read the book you will know, and its NOT at the VERY end!)

  3. got it today kind of eww in the beging but i hope it is good wish me luck