Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nikki, Kellan & Ashley on Moviefone 'Unscripted'

Nikki Reed (Rosalie), Kellan Lutz (Emmett) and Ashley Greene (Alice) conducted their own interview on Moviefone's "Unscripted". The trio definitely have a fun time chatting it up with each other and answering fan questions!

Questions asked during the interview:

You had to do a lot of training for the fight with the newborn vampire army. What was the most interesting thing you learned?
Lynne from Ireland

If Stephenie Meyer wrote a book solely about Emmett, what would you like it to be about?
Fallon from Pittsburgh, PA

What do you see in Jasper and Alice that is similar to Edward and Bella?
Christina from Little Rock, AR

How difficult is it for you to go from this incredibly jovial character to being such a lethal force on the battlefield in 'Eclipse'?
Amanda from Los Angeles, CA

I love Alice's style. Is there anything from her wardrobe you'd just love to swipe?
Joanne from Scotland

What had been the best part of being involved with this phenomenon and what will you miss the most when you finish filming 'Breaking Dawn'?
Amanda from Boise, ID


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