Saturday, June 26, 2010

Four New BTS Photos From 'Eclipse'

These are gorgeous behind the scenes photos from Eclipse! I'm definitely loving the meadow photo - what a great shot!

{via Twifans}


  1. in the 4th picture there's a picture of the prom from the first film on the wall:)

  2. and burger king and debussy...

  3. That's what it was... Wow!



    So funny!
    BTS ... I'm Thai, and at first, it come to my mind (and I'm sure every Thai's mind) as the BTS sky train in Thailand.

    BTS here stands for Bangkok Mass Transit System, and it's going to open new stations very soon!

    Three new BTS photos from Eclipse... lol~

    But, anyway, really hope that the stars, especially Taylor and Ashley come to Thailand.